The Graduate Program in Immunology — PPGIM – aims to qualify in level of excellence human resources able to teach and research in the field of Immunology and other related fields, integrating and strengthening pedagogical and research institutions, in addition to acting in specialized Health Care Services.


To encourage participation of new students, by means of events geared towards both the local and the national scientific community;

To encourage the continuous education and updating of the student body, through faculty stimulus to dynamic curricular activities;

To encourage the continuous education and updating of the faculty and student body by stimulating their participation in national and international scientific events;

To encourage interaction with researchers from other institutions through invitation to events and activities promoted by the Program, that may result in establishing national or international cooperation;

To encourage and support doctorate internships in Doctorate Exchange Programs within the Science Without Borders program;

To support laboratories related to the program aiming quality of the scientific production by expanding financial support announced in public calls for infrastructure;

To support the access to information by means of computer infrastructure, and access to the WWW and plataforms of information access;

To encourage the quality of scientific production with support to publication of articles, and other means of scientific dissemination;

To perform actions for funding resources aimed at improving the infrastructure of the laboratories that will generate an increase in research technology.